Biking trails of the island of Pag

We offer an unforgettable mountain bike experience on the extraordinarily beautiful island of Pag whose landscape, thanks to the ruthless wind Bora, looks like the surface of the Moon. Explore the local biking trails with our guide of by yourself.

Already after the first ride you will fall in love with the view of the sun setting as if it plunges into the sea from the centuries-old olive groves. During everyday mountain bike tours you will discover the fantastic offer of food delicacies on Pag, the unforgettable Pag cheese and Pag lamb.

Breakfast with a sea view from our apartments, the sound of waves, the birds signing in the morning and biking tours of the beautiful Pag are a great combination for your perfect holiday!

Biking trails

  • Planned routes with GPS support
  • Bike service support
  • Possibly of washing the bike after every ride
  • Laundry services
  • Bike rental (GiantRevel/Talon)
  • Guided or individual rides
  • Visit to the famous Lun olive groves
  • Possibly of visiting Gligora Dairy and tasting some of the best cheeses in the world
  • Tasting of Pag local wines in Boškinac winery
  • Sightseeing and bike tours of the ornithology reservation Kolanjsko blato
  • Cycling route - Novalja - Lun - 52 km
  • Route length - 51.5 km 
  • Height difference - 891 m (0 m - 125 m)
  • Asphalt 34.5 km
  • Macadam 17 km
  • Path difficulty: easy/moderate

    * * * Lun olive groves, which have been representing the untouched, exotic corner of the island for centuries. Among 80,000 olive trees, more than 1,500 wild olive trees stand out with the average age of 1,200 years (the oldest one is 2,000 years old). There are 7 km of macadam paths passing through the olive groves. 
    * * * The villages of Lun and Tovarnele as the farthest points of the Island of Pag.  
  • Cycling route - Novalja - Pag - Košljun - 69 km
  • Route length - 68.6km 
  • Height difference - 1209 m (0 m - 250 m)
  • Asphalt 34 km
  • Macadam 34.6 km
  • Path difficulty: hard 

    * * * Ride on the macadam road at the foot of the highest peak on the Island of Pag (Sveti Vid).
    * * * The town of Pag and the museum of the widely popular Pag lace, intangible UNESCO heritage and cultural goods of Croatia. 
    * * * The Museum of Salt with the "Permanent Exhibition of Salt" which demonstrates the traditional way of salt extracting on the Island of Pag. The exhibition consists of 104 samples such as paintings, photographs, salt products, tools, pools, etc. 
    * * * Tour of the windmills above the city of Pag, panoramic view of the whole island and other neighbouring islands.
  • Cycling route - Novalja - Sveti Vid - Mandre - 51 km
  • Route length - 50.9km 
  • Height difference - 821 m (0 m - 268 m)
  • Asphalt 18 km
  • Macadam 32.9 km
  • Path difficulty: hard

    * * * Ride on the macadam roads through the Ornithological reserve Kolanjsko blato, one of the few remaining wetlands in the Mediterranean, which is very important for the migration and winter survival of wetlands birds 
    * * * The ascent of Sveti Vid, the highest peak on the Island of Pag (348 m). 
    * * * Tour of the town of Kolan and a visit to the Gligora Dairy, the winner of many international medals and awards for their cheese. Tour of the dairy and tasting of cheese and other products.
  • Cycling route - Novalja - Stara Novalja - Metajna - 53 km
  • Route length - 53.2km 
  • Height difference - 993 m (0 m - 154 m)
  • Asphalt 31.2 km
  • Macadam 22 km
  • Path difficulty: moderate

    * * * Ride through the village of Stara Novalja
    * * * Crossing the macadam path through "Zaglava", the rocky part of the island with almost no vegetation due to strong winds and salt. Often called "the lunar landscape", it represents the harshest part of the island. 
    * * * Novaljsko polje and the Boškinac winery, one of the most famous brands of the Island of Pag. The possibility of organizing a visit to the winery and tasting of wine and food. 
    * * * The village of Metajna, ride by the sea with a beautiful panoramic view. 

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